Dr. Francisco Valenzuela MA.DCH.PhD. - Clinical Hypnotherapy-Psycho Oncology
 I battled in my clinical work with the semantic difference between the concepts of Recovery  and Healing. While recovery seems to be connected with a physical, somatic change, healing is a more encompassing process that involves the physical body, emotions, beliefs and behaviours, which also includes the special relationship created in the process between the client and the practitioner. Bernie Siegel. M.D. calls this relationship "the healing partnership.
Another interesting finding is the semantic difference between sickness and illness. While illness is conceptualized as the physical or mental symptom or damage visible to a practitioner, sickness is the client's  subjective, emotional experience of the disease.
I believe that my role as practitioner is to attach a meaning to procedures such as radiation, chemotherapy or surgery, reframing them as means to attain the ultimate goal, which is the client's physical and emotional healing.

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