Dr. Francisco Valenzuela MA.DCH.PhD. - Clinical Hypnotherapy-Psycho Oncology
For more than thirty years, cancer has challenged me at the professional and family level, and my practice is a reflection of what I have learned from my clients and my family.
I took a brief time off my private practice to help my spouse to regain her health, and for my daughter to overcome cancer of the Esophagus. After these goals were achieved, I decided to go back into practicing, providing therapy for people suffering from cancer, as well as organizing seminars and offering clinical support to individuals and companies in the areas of Psycho-Oncology and Peak Performance 

Personal experience as well as academic training taught me that the way to solve a problem is to concentrate on my client's innate capabilities for problem-solving and well as creating the conditions for my client to realize that he is naturally empowered to solve even the most difficult problems. There is no level in my client's reality, in where he is informed that he has amazing capacities for problem solving, therefore my most important roles are to empower and to educate my client on what his/her real capacities are. 
My logic tells me that, in order to help my client to solve a problem, y should concentrate on his/her most intelligent part, which is his/her very personal information bank. If at any time we are bombarded by eleven million pieces of information, out of which we can process consciously only 40 pieces  (Wilson, T.2002, p.24), the clinical-logical choice for me is to concentrate on the problem-solving mechanisms of the body-mind containing the 10.996.960 pieces of information. This memory bank, which is beyond my client's awareness, is the place in where we unconsciously take most of our decisions. It is only logical that pain and suffering are an expression of our unconscious maps and programs.


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