Dr. Francisco Valenzuela MA.DCH.PhD. - Clinical Hypnotherapy-Psycho Oncology
Many people feel uncomfortable with the use of hypnosis as a healing technique. We are normally regulated by a biological rhythm called Ultradian Rhythm which we experience every 90 minutes, which are cycles in charge of regulating the basic rest-activity rhythm of the body.   When we ignore the body's demand for rest, we set the stage for fatigue, stress, and psychosomatic problems (sicknesses). This is generally called the Ultradian Stress Syndrome.
We use hypnotic techniques to bring the body back to normal by resetting the Ultradian Healing Response, which is the way the body is programmed for healing. People drift normally into this distinct receptive state (trance state) in which they become open to suggestions for health and healing. A hypnotic suggestion is the vehicle used to convey healing messages to the body mind in a trance state.


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